VIN: TS22126L | Engine: TS64109E | Odometer was around 26k miles when stolen (12/3/2016)

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Custom characteristics of my car

Only my carCustom built backseat that hinges open (wood + metal)
Only my carCustom built electronic lock on backseat
Only my carCustom built glove compartment (wood)
Only my carCustom built electronic lock on glove compartment
Only my car Electronic switch on driver's door
Only my car Second fuse box next to first
Only my car Back panel of trunk is wood (with mounted amplifier)
Very rare Car alarm system horn and wiring harness to backseat
Very rareTransmission conversion -> Toyota 5-speed
Very rare ??Tweeters on each side of dash (installed?)
UncommonSlight damage to back left quarter panel behind wheel
UncommonDzus brackets for side curtains
Very rare Roof back snaps can't reach closest to door
UncommonTwin stainless exhaust
Very rareThe initial stainless exhaust was mounted backwards and needed to be rewelded
Uncommon Choke pull is T-shaped and gas gauge is TR4 style
Uncommon Center of dash is fake light wood panelling
Uncommon Generator -> Alternator conversion
Rare Steering box completely rebuilt
Rare Coated manifolds
Rare Brake cannister is sitting too high (almost to top of hood)
Uncommon Electric fan cooling
Rare I believe the radiator is missing the crankshaft hole


Theft claim: 05-9M63-041
At East Bay Tow, 1210 Seventh St, Berkeley

Found plates: SDS176 'Found' 2019/05/23 by: Sean Feng 709 Madison St 510-551-3926 Found At: Castro and Madison, Albany Albany police: 510.525.7300 Officer Pete O'Conner Police report: 19-754 Original theft: Orinda Police Report (Triumph): 16-16784 2016/12/04 Officer J Miller #77753 Orinda PD 925.254.6820 Oakland Police Report (property): 16-064410 2016/12/06 Officer S. Triana #9562 Oakland PD 510.777.3333 Criminal investigation division: 510-238-3744 x3326 State Farm special task force: 855-231-1590 x704* Paperwork -> DMV 6/3 Current location: Insurance Auto Auctions . Stock#: 25271184 HQ: 916-851-8205 925-458-7610 Buyer Services: 877.937.4243 2780 Willow Pass Rd Bay Point, CA 94565 Title is now cleared with DOJ as not stolen (no "DOJ stop") 2019/07/12 Replacement title requested with DMV Takes ~2-4 weeks MINIMUM BID!