Triumph/TR3A Projects:2012 Accident

This is where I'm beginning to think the car is cursed.

In 2004 I got my Triumph body and paint restored, and it looked beautiful.

But then, over a period of a couple of years, it got hit (mostly hit and run while parked, though once while I was in it!) NINE times.

So, with damage to almost every panel, I take it back to the body shop in 2010.

After two years, I finally get my car back. And it's beautiful again. For one month, until some idiot pulls a fast u-turn and drives right into my car. He manages to damage the one panel that was still metal. So off the car goes to the body shop again.

The front fender crushed in.
Managed to mostly avoid the new front apron, hallelujah. The poor tire is bent and the frame may actually need to be straightened.
I put the car on a trailer
to haul it down to get the engine rebuilt while the body work is being done.
The poor car, endlessly getting beat up,
just like my years in High School.
Up on the lift
at Perrigo's body shop
Fender off Right side also off,
I think just to make the engine work easier since the apron came off as well
The apron,
waiting reattachment
Mostly completed fender
Sheet metal pulled out,
at Perrigo's in Santa Cruz
Second view Suspension parts on the table New parts
Suspension being put back together Checking camber/caster Square! The door (and panel underneath)
finally repaired
The back of the car Beautiful repair job!
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