Triumph/TR3A Projects

The photos of my car from before I bought it are available in my photo album

This album is for projects/work I've done on my car, some of it might be useful to Triumph owners dealing with the same issues. Click on the album names below:

Favorite photos
of my Triumph TR3A
9 images
Turn signal / flasher lens replacement
5 images
Generator to Alternator Conversion
1 folder , 6 images
Custom backseat
with storage room
14 images
Door Handle Stops
4 images
Electric Locks
11 images
Head Gasket Replacement
3 folders
Manifold Coating
4 images
Stereo Installation
6 images
2004 Paint Job / Body Restoration
1 folder , 55 images
Removing horn / turn signals
4 images
Disassembling front suspension / steering
16 images
Some photos of a transmission rebuild
19 images
Tuning Carburetors
using a ColorTune tester
9 images
Stainless Steel Exhaust
4 images
Washable Filters
3 images
Converting to a Toyota Transmission
using Hermann Van Den Akker's kit
2 folders , 50 images
2010 New Body Work
1 folder , 8 images
2012 Accident
18 images
2013 Engine-Rebuild
3 folders , 16 images
after 5 years
Finally the car is home
18 images
The differential snaps,

probably because of the huge increase in engine power! :)
2 images
After being stolen

three years prior, the Triumph is found!
20 images
At the auction house.

I no longer legally own the Triumph, so I have to go buy my car back at auction.
12 images
Finally back home.

21 images
Initial damage assessment.

The thieves managed to make a real mess of the car, right after I had it perfect.
29 images
The fuel pump and alternator

need some work.
6 images
2 folders , 5 images
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