Triumph/TR3A Projects:2019-05-23 Triumph Found

The Triumph was stolen on my birthday in 2016. Three years later it was recovered.

The story is complicated, but the quick summary is that someone saw the car and knew it was stolen, found my web page (google "stolen tr3") and called me, and the police went and took the car into their possession.

More info will show up here when I have time.

These are photos of the car when it was found. It looks like it's in fairly similar shape. I'm told it still has the engine as well, don't know if it's running.

The car on the street.. ..where it was found Albany, CA,
with stolen (incorrect) plates
Photos from the auction site
(the car was owned
by my insurance company at this point, and they ridiculously refused to let me give the claim money back, so I had to just buy it through the auction)
BL BR dash
engine seat The auction company photos ...
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