Triumph/TR3A Projects:Head Gasket Replacement:Difficult Removal


My Triumph TR3A head gasket blew and I needed to pull off the head.

Problem was, the head didn't want to come off. It was stuck to the block.

Eventually my Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots helped me.

Pulling off the head required the following tactics:

  1. Bolting a bar onto the head studs, attaching a bar to the side manifold bolts and using a rebar leverage against the top of the head stud bar. (That's an interesting phrase..). This is what finally loosened the head.
  2. "Taps" on the side with semi-blunt instruments.
  3. Makeshift cherry picker from robots. Jack up car, tie head to robots, lower car
  4. Once slightly opened, leverage with various flat objects, avoiding the cylinder walls. This destroyed the gasket, but it was already blown.
  5. Taking off the thermostat (Haynes manual doesn't mention this, but I needed it for clearance, and it's much easier than removing all the hoses, especially when they're very old).
  6. Much wiggling (only succeeded at the end)
Such fun.
The robots
lend a hand. (This is ipso-facto, so the head is already off)
Nasty gasket.
Notice the water pooled in the down cyl #3
Head is removed!
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