Triumph/TR3A Projects:Manifold Coating


My manifold on my Triumph TR3A was peeling, and I had to pull it for a project I was working on, so I decided it was time to get it recoated.

Coating a manifold has advantages beyond corrosion protection and aesthetics - it also helps carry away heat from the engine bay which also increases power (though not terribly noticeably). This is the reason why race car drivers wrap their headers in insulating tape.

Anyways, I found some places that will recoat (all info is below) and I decided to go with JetHot. The recoat was fair enough, though it wasn't as shiny as I had hoped - it certainly wasn't a "near chrome polish" as the recoaters seem to claim. And even worse, JetHot got delayed on my order and couldn't deliver when promised, so I had to spend some extra money to get next-day shipping. Argh.

Carbs removed Peeling manifold The new manifold in place Admittedly obscured..

Prismatic Powders (Medford, Oregon)
866.774.7628  (Brandon)
 They can coat also coat the inside ("insulcoat") as well, to
 reduce temp under hood and improve horse power (hotter exhaust
 flows better).  They have a fake chrome ("Chrome-X") which is
 impregnated with aluminum and supposedly looks just like chrome.
 Satin finish: $84 out, $133 out/in
 Fake chrome: $125 out, $178 out/in

Jet Hot (Arizona)
  Fake chrome, looks like a polished aluminum, not a mirror chrome.
  $95, inside and out!

Cust #1204371
Sterling Silver coating, $95, back by 22nd - get it to you by Monday
Jet Hot
1840 W. Drake Dr
Tempe, AZ 85283


Performance Coatings (WA)
Satin: $50/60
Aluminum: $70 in/out
  Can do rush job ($50+?)

Also, if you're near LA, there's a Jet Hot distributor which might
be less hassle (though they have to ship to Arizona as well):
  Andrews Coating

Never called:
Olympic Powder Coatings
2200 Micro Pl
Escondido, CA 92029

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