Triumph/TR3A Projects:Stereo Installation

I wanted to put a stereo in my Triumph TR3A.

This presented some challenges:

  1. The Triumph TR3A is positive ground, so all stereo equipment needs to be insulated from ground.
    (this is no longer an issue - I wish I had known how easy it was to convert the ground!)
  2. There's nowhere to put any stereo equipment
  3. The interior of the car isn't secure, but I need my stereo to be secure.
  4. I wanted to avoid modifying the car too much.


  1. Build a backseat to hold/secure speakers
  2. Add a surface to mount an amp in the trunk
  3. Add a surface to mount a head unit or computer in the glove compartment.
  4. Build an electric lock to access the glove compartment.

Here's the progress:
(Also see the backseat page)

I replaced the trunk cover panel
because it was flimsy and I needed a non-conducting surface to mount the amp
Same for the glove compartment
which was very flimsy and I needed somewhere for the head unit
I was surprised to find
a 6.5"? ?speaker mount? behind the right footwell panel, but there was only one so I decided not to use it (except to thread through the antenna cable).
I installed an electric antenna
which has a nice low profile when I'm not using the radio.
I put an extra fuse block
under the hood, it powers the stereo and alarm system (switched and unswitched power).
A used amp gets attached
in the trunk to the new cover panel.
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