Triumph/TR3A Projects:Some photos of a transmission rebuild


My transmission went out. I didn't rebuild it because I didn't have the time, but I got a few pictures of parts of the process.
Transmission removed Flywheel/clutch
from underneath
I had expected some tooth damage, because the starter sometimes disengaged prematurely.
Part of clutch
Clutch plate.. Showing wear.
I decide to replace it.
Gear damage. More gear damage.
And more damage.. The bearings.
I replace these since the transmission is open.
Less obvious tooth damage. The transmission cover.
Flywheel removed. It doesn't look like much,
but evidently these teeth are worn. I get a new flywheel, and the starter problems improve.
The transmission reassembled
but open.
Reinstalled in the car But with drive train
still detached (for easy testing)
From underneath.
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