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I'm planning an alternator conversion on my Triumph TR3A because the generator fried again, and I want more power for a stereo system anyways.

Sadly I can't find much info on how to do this on the net, apart from which alternator to supposedly buy.

I've been experimenting with different kinds of mounts and belts, (I'd love any feedback on this endeavor), and as soon as I find the solution I'll post information on it here.

I pulled the manifolds
for better access, the generator is already dismounted.
AC-Delco 7127
is the recommended alternator, but..
it's a hefty bit wider
which gives almost no room for belt tensioning
Another view
More research needed..
Block minus the generator Attempting to use th..ginal mounting block Pulling the pulley
which unforunately doesn't fit the 7127...

I'm not convinced the 7127 is the way to go anymore. I'm starting to research other alternators to try to find a better fit.
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