Triumph/TR3A Projects:Head Gasket Replacement:Faster Head Removal

It is possible to remove the TR3 head without pulling the carbs and manifolds.

This is quicker, but it can be more difficult, so I don't recommend it without a lift or unless you've pulled the head off before, sometimes the head can get a bit stuck

Total time to get down to the gasket, just under 1 hour.

Follow the white arrows on the photos:

1) Drain the radiator 2) Also open drain plug
off the engine block
3) Remove valve cover and gasket 4) Disconnect gas pedal linkage
from carbs
5) Disconnect carbs:
choke cable, vacuum hose and gas line
6) Remove bottom exhaust manifold bolts 7) Remove thermostat
(disconnect two hoses and remove two bolts)
8) Remove spark plugs,
or at least spark wires
9) Remove (4) rocker nuts and rockers,
then remove (8) pushrods (save ordering!)
10) Remove heater valve
(unless you can loosen the head nut next to it)
11) Remove (10) head nuts
in order shown in manual (basically center outwards)
12) Remove the head
w/ manifolds and carbs attached. It might help to use a lift, it's heavy!

Putting it all back together is similar to the reverse, make sure to tighten down the head nuts and rocker with the proper order and torque! (See Haynes).
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