Triumph/TR3A Projects:Removing horn / turn signals

Unfortunately the classic Haynes manual says nothing about horn and turn indicator switch repair. It took me a long time (and a cracked horn) to figure out how to safely remove this. Here are the steps.
First disconnect the stator tube nut
at the very end of the steering column. This will allow the stator tube (the tube inside the steering column) to slide back and forth. This is found under the front of the car.
Unscrew the three nuts
embedded in the steering wheel head.
Now you can gently s.. indicators forward. If you've got enough slack in the wires,
then you can pull the horn unit out of the stator tube so it falls forward. It has a notch that it goes into when you replace it. From here you can disassemble/remove the horn unit from the screws on the back.

Replacement is easy - slide the horn unit back into the stator tube - be sure to line up the notches. Then slide the horn back into the steering wheel, and make sure the turn indicator is pointing up when centered. Then retighten the loosened nuts from above.
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